The Significant Numerology of the Birth of America

America July 4, 1776

Just as we are born into this lifetime on a preordained date chosen by our own spirit, to give us the challenges as well as the tools to live out the goal we set for ourselves for this lifetime, the same applies to the birth of nations.

The Lifepath and Destiny numbers of America are both a 32/5

There are many different numbers that can come to a five but the significance of the 32/5  is quite profound.  This is the magical number ruling people and nations.  America was born under the energy to be a warrior for the right with a sense of strong duty and responsibility for all.

Five is the number of freedom,  leadership, confidence and authority.  This is the number of government work and leaders in policy and law. The negative side of this number is something that many have felt and that is haughtiness and feeling like one is above all others.


Under this five vibration comes rewards and great victories for the freedoms of humanity.

The Tarot card representing the Five Energy vibration of America is the Six of Wands.


Card from The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

This card carries the energy and symbolism of victory, the warrior for right, duty and responsibility for others.


Happy Fourth of July to all and may freedom spread around the world!