A native Texan transplanted in the beautiful Deep South, I am a natural born, highly sensitive energy reader and psychic medium. Born into a wonderful family that was unfortunately full discord made my sensitives almost unbearable to live with, my childhood tormented and that still make relationships in my family of origin quite tough. Thankfully, I was able to find a way to harness it and use it for the  betterment of  living beings, if only in some small way.

Dr. Elaine Aron’s groundbreaking work in “The Highly Sensitive Person” wasn’t published until my oldest child was almost 10 and my youngest just born. This single book transformed my life and gave me the hope and courage to be who I was born to be, using the gifts that God gave me. I was raised in a wonderful church that was a second home to me during my most fundamental and tough years of middle and high school in Texas giving me a deep relationship with Christ who has pulled me through everything.

I am a Mother of four amazing sensitives with huge hearts, living fulfilling lives and a new grandmother to a brilliant toddler who has completely stolen my heart and gave my life new meaning. These 5 souls keep my world right side up. I feel blessed beyond words that they have survived the very tough road we have traveled and come out so marvelously perfect in who they are as human beings.

Being born this way, I see, hear, smell and feel the other side. I see, dream, KNOW and feel past, current and future events. I know trends before they ever take hold or show up in a magazine, news article or television program. The human lie detector, I know when someone is being dishonest before the words come out of their mouth or have even entered their mind. I know what people and animals are feeling and thinking. My empathy is so strong that I have been lead into several codependent relationships where I almost lost myself. In numerology, my Life Path is that of the Master 33, The Spiritual Teacher and Healer. This ultimate empathy and living through tragic life choices was part of my path to being able to truly understand others in all walks of life and all levels of despair or heartbreak. I am able to connect with other’s through their hearts.

Due to my 20 years in deep study of Pythagorean Numerology, Astrology, Tarot and Mediumship skills, I am considered 100% on the mark. Living in a historically very “haunted” area, I feel a very deep duty in helping earth bound spirits cross over to the other side and helping business owners, home owners and tenants find relief and peace of mind. My joy comes from helping the bereaved, heartbroken, lost or forgotten find meaning in their lives again.

I love astrology and use it somewhat in my practice but the skies have changed over the millennia as native Americans have been relaying for quite some time. Planets are changing alignment, the sun isn’t yellow and the sky is rarely blue but numbers don’t change and never lie. I work numbers with finesse and couple working teams in research facilities and businesses for better all around focused work and creative functioning. I help parents understand their children, couples understand each other and employers understand their employees.

I can clear the Energy in a home that has been on the market longer than desired only for it to sell the next week to exactly who I claimed would arrive to purchase it. I’ve relocated people with high accuracy to another state down to the address numbers and direct location. If a location is feeling ‘off’ or having reoccurring problems, I can pinpoint the energetic or spiritual problem and change that energy entirely. I use tonal energy therapy and the power of my higher self to release all negative and seal areas off from other negatively influencing locations nearby.

With clients all over the states, I absolutely LOVE helping others harness their own intuitive and psychic skills. Every client who comes to me is given tools to work with to help them in their own spiritual growth. I look forward to aiding you in any way I possibly can.

Best Wishes and Abundant Love,

Michelle Lee